Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swoop Seller Account?

Swoop Seller Account (SSA) is a program that enables both individuals and businesses to sell products
and display their inventory on

Why should I sell on Swoop?

There are many reasons to sell on Swoop from millions of Swoop customers who can see your products
to the ability to start selling fast without the need to create a new stand-alone website. Below are more
benefits and unique reasons to start Selling on Swoop.

Can I list my products in all Swoop categories?

Prior approval may be required to list certain products in certain categories. See the Categories page for
more information.

What type of products cannot be listed on

Some products may not be listed as a matter of compliance with legal or regulatory restrictions (for
example, prescription drugs) or Swoop policy (for example, crime scene photos). For detailed
information, please see our Restricted Products Help section.

Does Swoop offer fraud protection?

Yes. Swoop payment fraud protection helps you eliminate fraudulent orders for your products.

What is the A-to-z Guarantee program?

Swoop has built a base of thousands of satisfied customers by being responsive to their concerns and
acting quickly to resolve problems. We extend this valuable customer trust to vendors through the
A-to-z Guarantee program.

The A-to-z Guarantee Program is for situations where a customer never received a product or received a
product that is materially different from what was ordered or expected. We ask customers to first
contact the seller when they have a problem. If the seller fails to resolve the problem, the customer can

file an A-to-z claim. When Swoop receives the claim, we send the seller an automated email detailing
the claim and requesting basic information from the seller about the order and the fulfillment process.
Swoop will then determine how the claim will be settled, which may include but isn't limited to
reimbursement of the order to the customer, at the seller's expense.

How do I open a new Swoop Seller Account (SSA)?

You can register today for the Vendor Account of your choice, without the need to contact a sales
person by clicking on the start selling on this page.

Before you begin the self-service registration process, be sure to have the following information

• Your business name, address, and contact information
• A phone number where you can be reached during this registration process

Can I cancel my Swoop Seller Account?

Sellers can change account settings. Your account remains open and you can continue to offer items on
Swoop. You will not have access to Professional account benefits, such as bulk upload and order reports,
seller customized shipping rates, and special listing features.

How can I close my Swoop Seller Account?

If you want to close your account permanently, Seller Support can assist you. Keep in mind that you can
use our Listings Status feature to suspend your listings, or you can remove your listings entirely but hold
on to your account for future use.

Before you close your account permanently, please cancel and remove your listings and resolve all
transactions. Find out more about how to close your account ›

Where else can I learn about how selling on Swoop works?

We have videos, webinars, web pages, and more to help you find what you need.
Getting Started page › Training and tutorials › Webinars › Blog

Do Swoop sellers make money?
A lot of small and medium-sized businesses from around the nation are selling on Swoop. More than
half of the items sold in Swoop stores nationwide come from these businesses. On average, Nigeria
based small and medium-sized businesses made more than? 90,000 selling in Swoop’s stores since

How can I sell in and Outside Lagos Marketplaces?

When you sign up as a Seller, you will have access to sell on our Lagos, Outside Lagos marketplaces
through Swoop Seller Center Account. This will enable you more easily to share product listing
information and manage your inventory consistently across all marketplaces. For all per-item
transaction fees, sellers will pay the fees applicable to the marketplace in which the item was sold. If
you're a Seller, you will only be charged commission fee for selling in that region.

How long does it take for my products to appear on swoop?

It takes 30 minutes for your products to be visible on after your seller account has been
approved. However, products uploaded on mobile device might take up to 24-48hrs.

Can I upload all my products immediately my account is approved?

Yes, we encourage our vendors to upload all product immediately their account is approved.

I want to upload products to my vendor’s account from my mobile device, how do I do that?

To upload products through mobile device, visits our mobile seller’s center at

I want to upload products to my vendor’s account from my computer system, how do I do

To upload products through a computer system, visits our, login to your account, click on
dashboard and select product and click on add new products.

How will I get the product to swoop after I receive SMS that my product has been purchased?

If you are in Lagos, you can visit our nearest office to you to drop off the product (For out of Lagos
Vendors, please contact customer service)

How do I get paid?

Payment are usually made to vendors through bank account or cash. (contact customer service for more

How soon do I get paid?

In most cases, you get paid immediately the products are been picked up/ within 24-48hrs

Find out more about selling on with Swoop Seller Center Account
(Seller Center login required)

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